Charles Harrison Chandler - Missouri-based Construction Engineer

Since 2011, Charles Harrison Chandler has worked as a construction engineering specialist for Kirk Engineering in St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to this position, he served as a construction management intern for Grayfield Construction in Elmhurst, Illinois. Charles Harrison Chandler completed this internship while obtaining his degree in engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, located in Chicago.

Among his hobbies, Charles Harrison Chandler develops plans for “tiny houses.” The tiny house movement involves houses typically ranging in size from 100 to 400 square feet. Owners of tiny houses often live off the grid and produce a small carbon footprint. After completing two custom tiny house projects for his friends and family, Mr. Chandler is working on plans for a third house. He also regularly attends events discussing building and living in small homes.

Aside from his building activities, he enjoys staying active outdoors and regularly hikes and mountain bikes. He is involved with the Gateway Off-Road Cyclists out of St. Louis and loves biking on trails. Some of his favorite trails include Bangert Island Trail and the Klondike Park Trail in the St. Charles, Missouri, area and Middle Fork in the Ozark region. Also, in a one-week period, he biked the Katy Trail, which is about 235 miles and runs from St. Charles to Clinton, Missouri.